July 29, 2011

Girl with balloon

This is a color test I made for a publisher. It was made in Photoshop.

July 01, 2011

Some "BruNime" tests / Pruebas de "BruNime" / Quelques "BruNime" essais

This is a character I designed for a children' soccer school in Madrid, and it was for work. The client wanted something very specific: it had to be a soccer player but related to the ancient greek culture, and also had to be drawn in manga or anime style; I tried to do my best, even if I'm concious that this is not completely anime, 'cause this is not my style... So, as it finally looked like 50% anime and 50% "Bru" style, a good friend gave me the idea of giving this style the name of "BruNime".  There's a few different views from the character, and then one application for advertising. Thank you, S.